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Why Facebook Knows More Than Your Mother Does

Would you believe us if we told you that Facebook knows more about you than your mother does?

Here are five reasons why.

Remember how, when you were growing up, your mother used to seem to know everything? It didn't matter how well you hid something, or how elaborate and awesome your excuse for not doing something was. She almost always knew the truth, and it was always eerie.

Well, Facebook has now moved past that kind of omniscience.

It knows EVERYTHING, and it's impossible to hide from its gaze.

1. Facebook never forgets.

Facebook never forgets embarrassing moments. It doesn't matter if it was the time you blacked out and ran around a club shirtless, or the time that you went and watched Twilight with a bunch of other dudes, Facebook ALWAYS remembers.

2. Facebook knows where you are, all the time.

Thanks to features like Facebook Places, the social network can pretty much keep track of where you are at all times. You don't even have to tell it, sometimes your friends do the job for you.

3. Facebook knows what your friends are doing.

Because of the news feed, Facebook knows what your friends are doing even before you do.

4. Facebook knows when you’re lying.

You wouldn't be able to tell Facebook that you were really at work late on a Friday night, especially after pictures of you partying crop up on Saturday morning.

5. Facebook knows how you interact with people.

Because of features like the "see friendship" option, Facebook knows exactly how you deal with people on an individual basis. That means it knows who you're flirting with, who you're ignoring, and who you're posting links to silly articles to.

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